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Nessunoe niente scompaia


1/9 arte contemporanea

Nessuno e niente scompaia (That no-one and nothing disappear) is the inescapable demand we make of art today, even if we don’t make it in quite such a direct and peremptory fashion.

The curator Raffaele Gavarro asked artists Raffaella Crispino, Bruna Eposito, Fabio Mauri, Valerio Rocco Orlando and Eugenio Tibaldi to investigate this theme for the exhibition held at Galleria Unosunove (Rome) in 2013.

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On more than one occasion, the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy has stated that the relevant aspect of many works today is found ``in the search, in the desire or desire for meaning``. I have always thought that this declaration contained many of the reflections that have led to the creation of many works of the last decades, where ``an infinite desire for meaning`` is constant and strong. Not solvable. Obviously unsatisfactory, although I have never been of the idea that this research was or should be detached from that of meaning on and in reality, understood in the complex totality of time and space in which we act from time to time. And I think this is also Nancy's idea. Art changes because the world, reality changes. Simply. Perhaps also vice versa, in ways that are certainly not attributable to the cause-effect logic that dominates the (popular) narrative of the world. But this is exactly what we ask of the work of art, once it is finished and completed in the world, and that is, that it meets that sense that it and we so much ``sought after``. Raffaele Gavarro