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LeTerrazze del Mediterraneo


SAIT group

A journey through the senses

Le Terrazze del Mediterraneo are a journey related to the senses: the taste of a dish, the scent of a citrus fruit, the sweet sound of water, the roughness of wood, the color of the sand. There is a strong bond with nature and plants, around which architecture takes shape. The reference to the wandering of our land is a natural starting point.



Design of the figures

Is made by cutting shapes in paper sheets, in reference of cut-out figures of Matisse.
The shapes are composed forming complete natural elements. The addition of texture is useful to give depth to the elements and to break the relationship with the flatness of the paper clippings.

Typographic elements

The institutional character Interstate is combined with a serif font to warm up the mood of the brand identity. Sang Bleu Versailles is a font released for Swiss Typefaces in 2017. Designed by Ian Party is part of a large character family along with the Sang Bleu Kingdom, Empire, Republic and Sunrise.

Composition of logo and logotype

Logos and logotype are composed with a line separation between the name of the service (typed in Sang Bleu) and its typology specification (typed in Interstate).