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Our activity

Volta Studio deals with many aspects of art direction and graphic design in a wide range of areas including corporate image, packaging design, layout design, infographics. We also offer architecture and design supplies such as wayfinding / signage systems, exhibition design and set styling.

We collaborate with a flexible network of professionals built specifically for each type of project. Photographers, copyrighters, motion graphic designers, illustrators, web designers take part of the team that the project requires.

our story

We met each other in 2010 in Studio Cheste, created by Peppe Clemente. Since then we have shared our projects and experiences every day, in a solid working partnership and friendship.

In 2014 we became partners of the Studio Cheste Snc and one year later we gave our “combo” collaboration a new name: Volta Studio. Volta is a typographic term indicating the back side of a printed piece of paper, as opposed to “bianca”, the front side. The coexistence of the two sides is unavoidable and each one is the mirror of the other.

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