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DeiFiori – Mediterraneo


SAIT group

Reorganize the inorganicity

For these two structures it was requested to keep the stainless steel supports already present and redesign all the contents. All the types of signs present in the campsites have been inventoried to code and order the information apparatus. This led to the generation of a coordinated but distinct system of icons, characters and colors for the two structures.

Distribution of content

The distribution of content within the media has been divided by hierarchy levels, standardizing the heights of the signs based on the content:
_ service types > tall panels
_ n ° pitch > low panels.
The association of texts and icons has also been regulated for immediate retrieval of the information sought by users.

Typography and icons

The icon systems of the two campsites are distinguished by
the drawing of the terminal sections:
rounded for Camping Dei Fiori, pointed for the Mediterranean.
This peculiarity characterizes the design of the two institutional characters chosen to accompany the icons in the signage system: the Din Round for the Fiori and the Interstate for the Mediterranean.